Privacy Policy

This section describes our policies and, on the collection, use and disclosure of your information when you use our services.

By using our services, you are consenting to the collection and use of information for our services. However, this is in compliance with and protected by the privacy laws of UAE, where the company is headquartered.

Last Updated: October 1st.2022

Basic User Information

We may collect information from users.

This can include their names, phone/mobile numbers, email address, details of their interest, etc.

How does our Services use the User Information?

We utilize these details to make special checks to the background of the individuals. This is to ensure the security of all the stakeholders and are only in the best interest of all parties.

The service may also use this information to keep users updated with our latest offerings, research sharing and sales opportunity we may send to the stakeholders.

Under certain circumstances, the company may be required to disclose your data if required by the law or in response to valid requests by public authorities.

Children’s Privacy

Our service does not address or provide services to anyone under the age of 18. We do not knowingly collect information of anyone under the age of 18 unless a certain situation, governed by the law of the country dictates otherwise.

Delete your Personal Data

You have the right to delete or request removal of your Personal Data from our database. Our service may give you the ability to amend your information at any time.

Option available to the users regarding the use of information

All our users may choose to not receive any kind of unsolicited information from our side by sending us an email. Furthermore, the user can opt out of certain areas of information and the requirement to share those based on the law and regulations of UAE.

Changes in Privacy Policy

Any changes in the policy will be made live on our website. The same information will be disseminated by the use of emails to our users and stakeholders

Links to the Services

We have different links and information collection forms for different services. The privacy policy may differ and we recommend that you go through their details as well.

Keeping User Information Secured

Our employees are fully aware of our security policies and procedures. We follow a strict protocol, and only a small number of qualified associates with passwords have access to visitor and user data.

We have strict and regular audit producers to ensure that sensitive data, such as credit card numbers, is encrypted using SSL (encryption protocols).

Even though our website is commercially secure and we have taken every precaution to provide a secure environment for electronic transactions and communication, breaches, tampering, and break-ins are still possible, and we accept no liability or guarantee in the event of any such event occurring to our users and visitors.

Tracking Technology and Cookies

We use cookies and similar tracking technologies to track activity for our services and store certain information. Tracking technologies such as Web Cookies or Beacon Tracer may be used.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the Privacy Policy, please reach out to us at

Phone: +971 52 695 9929

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